In Quarantine - Boedo, Buenos Aires 28th of March 2020

Some time has passed since last time I posted. The world has changed, everyone’s life and routines have changed - radically. There are so many feelings making fireworks inside me and so many ways that this is affecting us, that it feels impossible to get a hold on.

I’m in quarantine in Buenos Aires and cannot go for a walk. I’m content with how the government is handling the situation so far, and I believe it is the right thing to do in this corner of the world. But nevertheless I really feel trapped. Because I can’t visit my friends, because I don’t know when I can start working again and how much this will affect my economy, because my family and many good friends are really far away, because I have no idea how long this will continue, because I have a habit of changing the scenario when things get a bit difficult (not exactly escaping but you know…). 

I imagine many of you feel the same, similar, worse. You might be in a situation more complicated than mine. At the same time I’m really astonished about how people are managing this. I would never have thought it was possible to make people stay at home. That Western countries close down. That elder retired people previously working in the health section being the group in risk “turn themselves in” to help for the upcoming crisis. How people sing from their balconies, on television and really want to sing together! I see the Argentine president talk and tears are running down my cheek, it has never happened before (and I'm not really sure why). We are loosening up, we are getting aware of the power of doing things together, the indubitable need for everyone being just good citizens. We have lost control and we might need the help of a neighbor so better help her too. 

It is so quiet in this enormous city that use to be filled with the most beautiful music. I play a little and write a little. I really have cool stuff I can do. For moments I forget and get excited, and then suddenly I feel so tired and distracted but yet I cannot sleep. I guess that's just the symptoms of watching The Humankind and the Covid 19 handshaking a bit to profoundly for my taste. I would have preferred if they danced a short and elegant tango, but I guess they forgot to bring their high heals.


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