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And They Lived Happily Ever After - Mar Azul Christmas 2022

This blog has been sleeping for quite a while, but suddenly a forceful fever gave it a purpose to continue existing. Understanding another culture is not a linear thing. You start saying “boludo” and “quilombo”, understanding that all the streets change name at Avenida Rivadavia, that the 126 will take you to Palermo, that the cost of an empanada can change quite quickly, that you should arrive 1-2 hours late for the asado, that you won’t be in lack of abrazos and besos and that it’s fundamental to laugh to make friends.  And yes, they do tell you football is important. And yes, I did see the streets were filled up with people right in the middle of a pandemic when Maradona passed away, but… It wasn't before this World Cup that I truly felt how football is in the veins of the Argentineans and that it is a contagious decease… When Montiel ended what for The World was one the biggest games in history, Argentina reaffirmed that suffering is the way to success. . . . It sta

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