The first tales - Denmark 1984-2009

I’ve always liked to tell stories. To fantasize and also write the fantasies down. As a child I loved to invent new worlds. It was as if my life was a big collage of imaginary worlds; one day I entered one, another day another one. It was not like I was disconnected from the outside world. I just had all these games and role plays and books and stuff in my head. Could I get my younger sisters and friends to join - even better. Until I was about 13 it seemed to me that I was living the most fantastic tale I could have ever imagined. 

My real surroundings were pretty standard. Small suburb in the Northern part of Denmark. My family was not so ordinary and yet quite normal at the same time. I have some extremely loving and tolerant parents who always try to make family life as harmonic as possible and kind of full of celebration! At that time helped a lot by my colorful grandparents who lived close by. At the same time they have had the same job their whole life, been living in the same place and had always offered stability in all senses. Anyway in that context I felt completely free and felt that everything was possible and accessible…

Well... at least until puberty and suddenly everything got complicated. I became self conscious, insecure and got too occupied with coping with the social pressure I felt to do everything right and so. You already know the stereotype I guess. Meanwhile I’ve always been convinced that I was someone special. Like a feeling of being born to become something different. I know it’s not a very humble (a for sure not very Danish) way of thinking but nether the less, I had this feeling, and to be honest it has never really left me. My point is though that I think in someway it has been my way to orientate my self through life so far - I’ll get back to that. 

My crisis went on until I turned around 24. Quite a while…  It’s not that it was all miserable and difficult off cause, not at all, but that is the moment where I think I got my clarity back. I remember a day walking around in Fælleden, a big park in Copenhagen, and it stroke me that exactly MY life was the life I wanted to live. Nobody else’s. At that moment I was planning to move to Argentina for an undefined period of time with the bandoneon by my side. My real life had overcome my childish fantasies and I was ready for life to throw me away…


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