Beginning - January 2020

For some time I’ve wanted to do these tales. But I’ve been confused about the format, the timing, if I really had something to tell, if it would take away my focus from the music, and in which language bla bla bla. Then at some point I just feel how the clock is ticking, that life is unbearable short and the need to give life to this idea. And so I will. And maybe it really has no interest at all for anyone else than myself and that seems to be just okay!
My grandmother, Karen, who passed away for almost a year ago, was an amazing old lady full of spirit up to the very end. She was the best story teller and had so many anecdotes and portraits of people that she must have had at least 9 lives.
Tango tales is dedicated to her.


  1. Kære Stine. Jeg synes, du har en eventyrlig og kærlig start på det hele. Og du er så ærlig og tænksom, så det er rørende læsning. Dine fine fotos, passer også rigtig godt. Så jeg glæder mig til at følge med. Kram fra Mor


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